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With so many people that I have met here on EP, and so many people that I have met in the world, I realize that I am not alone.  I absorb the pain of others.  Some say that I am a masochist.  Others say I am an emotional masochist.  I don't know that I am either, but I do know that there is too much pain in the world.  That is why I am here.  I am here to take that pain from this world and make it my own.  Once inside my body, it is an internal struggle.  I have the need for atonement, to punish that pain, punish myself.  I take the pain to try and beautify the world.
Meeting people, I have realized there are others that serve a far greater purpose.  They grace this world with their beauty.  The greatest thing . . . they don't know they are beautiful.  If they did, they may never share it with all of us.  They take the time out of their day to smile at a stranger.  They take care of their kids, of their house, their friends, and the world just be being themselves.  You can see them walking down the street, just to walk.  They put out beauty like it's sweat.  They don't know any different so it just flows out of them into the world for all to see.
People like me can't fill this world with beauty.  Although we may do deeds that resemble beauty, destruction follows us for the simple fact, it has no where else to go, and we are accepting of it.  That's right, someone has to be accepting of that destruction and that pain that comes with it!  We keep it from falling on those who are beautiful, those who make this world better with their smiles, their looks, their eyes. 
I can only take that pain and destruction into my body, soul, and my heart.  Those of us who can do this, have a heart that know no bounds.  Our hearts know no limits.  Our hearts weep . . . for those who are beautiful because they don't even know they are so beautiful.  They don't know, they give us the faith to keep going.
If you are beautiful, be beautiful to a pain taker.  We may not look it, we may not act like it, but we are human too.  Pain is all I can do for this world, it is what I can take.  I put in all on my back, because I can.   My heart is that big, and my back can handle the scars.  They are only scars. 

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