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It wasn't supposed to happen like this . . .


You left me long before him

you gave up on me with no warning

we both knew it would be like this

there was no not knowing

there was just pain for one of us

you asked me to be there

it wasn't in me to show up

i asked too much of you

you thought it wasnt enough

we got squared away

and you were in happiness

i was hurting all over

you were smiling everywhere

i was sick and couldn't move

you were in love

i was heart broken

you were hurting me

i decided i didn't care anymore

you thought it was too much

i thought it wasnt enough


things change


you started to spiral

i started to talk and walk

it started to crash for you

it started in a walk for me

you wanted you needed

i was done, didnt want it

you had it, it was there

i just needed a friend

you were losing faith in all

i was starting to gain faith

he was in control of you

i was in control of me

you gave your all so fast

i gave her nothing, or something

you were in pain, you hurt

i was smiling, she was smiling

you lost all you gave

i gained acceptance

you gained hate

she gave me a smile

you want to hate me

now, i come to you for help

and you are becoming a pillar

i am the one who is lost

you are the one who is found

i run to you

you send me to her

she makes me smile

you laugh at me

silly boy,

silly girl


you were supposed to be happy

i was supposed to be atoning

it wasn't supposed to be like this


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